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Middle School

(6-9th grades)

Naturalists Outdoors is a 3 day, intensive, overnight program, which incorporates hands-on learning with environmental science curriculum to give students a truly unique, outdoor experience.


Exhibit Hall - Explore our interactive displays and learn about the Long Leaf Pine ecosystem here in Florida.


Longleaf Pine Hike – Take a guided hike through our trails and get an overview of common plants and animals in the Longleaf Pine ecosystem. A brief history of the Longleaf Pine will be discussed, including its many historic uses and current conservation efforts.

Aquatic Turtles - Learn about the different species of aquatic turtles that live in our ponds, creeks and even the bay!

Florida Reptiles Visit our reptile expert and get "hands-on" with some of Florida’s finest reptiles. This activity covers a range of animals including Gopher Tortoises and native snakes.
Water Quality  - Become scientist as you study the water quality of  Camp Creek at our Boardwalk. Students will test for 7 different parameters, measuring both physical and chemical properties of the water.
Micro-ecosystems  - Take a look at a large ecosystem by breaking it down into sample areas. Students will assess a range of abiotic factors to determine best management land practices.   
Dip-netting Students will use a dip-net to catch aquatic insects, fish, snails, frogs and more!
Burn Plot Hike - Learn about the important role of prescribed fires in the Longleaf Pine ecosystem. Students will observe and explore study plots to see the difference between fire management and fire suppression. Burn demonstrations may occur under specific conditions.  
Mystery Skulls   - Be a detective and work as a team to identify 7 common mammal skulls. Use key skull features to determine the animal’s diet, behaviors, and sensory abilities.
Mammals Meet some of the Biophilia ambassador animals. Our mammal experts will discuss adaptations and predator prey relationships using live animals during an exciting 30 minute presentation!

Birds of Prey – Continue your journey through the animal kingdom with birds! This presentation will incorporate live, education raptors in an informative and fun show in our Theater.


W.O.W  - See one of our newest technology additions, the World Of Wonder; a room-sized, 3-D, visual experience for all ages. 


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Nokuse Plantation

Nokuse (Nuh-go-see) Plantation, a 54,000 acre nature preserve, was established in 2000 by our founder, M.C Davis. The plantation has a 500 year restoration plan in the works to bring back old growth Longleaf pine forests and their endemic species. So far, we have planted over 8 million Longleaf Pines and relocated about 4,000 Gopher Tortoises, making Nokuse the largest Gopher Tortoise relocation site in the world.

Nokuse (1/2 day)
Hayride Tour

Take a ride to an active Gopher Tortoise relocation pen, a seasonal pond and some Longleaf pine restoration areas. If available, our field biologist will help the students look inside a Gopher Tortoise burrow with a burrow cam! Students may also visit the Nokuse workshop if time allows.

Eco-passage Wildlife Walk

Students will look for animal tracks in a uniquely designed eco-passage that runs under Florida state highway 331. This passage along with 3 others, connects Nokuse Plantation with Eglin Airforce base, allowing safe migration of animals.

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