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Who We Are

Naturalists Outdoors

The Naturalists Outdoors program is designed to help the Biophilia Center further its educational reach. This overnight, immersive program allows visiting schools to learn about the Longleaf Pine ecosystem, which was once prolific throughout the Southeastern United States.


The lessons in Naturalists Outdoors are founded upon the STEM-based curriculum already used by the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center. We have taken these concepts and added higher learning elements for high school groups as well as land management skills and career opportunities.

Naturalists Outdoors groups also have the unprecedented opportunity to go out onto privately owned conservation land, Nokuse Plantation, in order to see conservation and preservation efforts in action.

E.O Wilson Biophilia Center


The E.O Wilson Center is a 501(c)(3) environmental education center in Freeport, FL, that educates, on average, 100 students a day in fourth and seventh grades, Monday through Friday. Students visit the center for either two or four day programs that are filled with over twenty different environmental science lessons.

The core mission of the E.O Wilson Biophilia Center is to educate students and visitors on the importance of biodiversity, to promote sustainability, and to encourage conservation, preservation, and restoration of ecosystems.


The center is nestled in the Longleaf Pine ecosystem, which is considered the 6th most biodiverse area in the continental U.S.  Less than 2% of Longleaf Pine ecosystem remains intact today. As such, it is the perfect place to educate students on the importance of biodiversity and to encourage our mission.

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